Haïkus In Motion Series

Sound-Designer (September 2015 – June 2016).

On the initiative of Darkpulse Motion :

« Create a small and original creative piece each week The main idea is to make it very short, that’s why we called them haïku, like the small japan poems. The biggest challenge is to produce from scratch each week an original and creative piece. »

Worked with my partner A.Strife, Motion Designer from Doze Studio (Nantes, Fr), with the pseudo RSTD.

Each week a new challenge appeared. We didn’t have one method, the aim was to explore and try new things each time. Sometimes I just composed something and sent each instrument tracks to my partner so he can do some sound react, others times I composed a few cues in order to give him a feel, a first color, and then he would send me the video and I have to do all the sound-design. But most of the time, it was a total surprise sent by my partner in my mail box : I didn’t have any idea of what he has done! I had a few hours to compose music and make the sound-design. The delay was really short (less than one day of work concerning my part), and this is were the challenge came from : be creative and pertinent with tight deadlines!

I used a lot of different things on these Haïkus : a lot of audio synthesis (from pure data & reaktor patches to vst like Massive or Serum), sounds coming from soundbanks, many synths from the Arturia Collection (I love how they sounds, not so far from real analog synths), home recordings, etc… & obviously a lot of sound processing !


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